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Feminized Seeds

AK-47, Blue Queen, Diesel Strong, Puta Madre Kush, Sevilla Cheese, Strong Lemon, Skunk, White Widow


Genetics: Dutch Sativa x Indica
Sativa 50%, Indica 50%
Hight: Medium
Flowering: 50 days
Harvest: 300-500 gr.
THC: 24%


This variety earned its popularity due to undemanding character, psychotropic potential and high yields. The plant is of medium height, with a short flowering period and a guarantee of good harvest and positive effect. The buds are quite compact, but very dense with a lot of resin. It is not the highest performer compared to other strains, but the simplicity of growing and smoking it wins over.



Genetics: Bluestorm x CaliBud
Sativa 20%, Indica 80%
Hight: Tall
Flowering: 70-90 days
Harvest: 800-900 gr
THC: 24%


A variety with an amazing aroma and color, can be used not only to get wonderful harvest, but also as a decoration of the grow-room. Not very suitable for outdoor cultivation in a cool climate, due to the late autumn harvest. Tall plant with a large green mass, ideal for the ScrOG method. Buds are purple in color with a lot of hairs and resin. Light fruity taste, especially noticeable when smoking pure stuff without tobacco additives.


Genetics: Sour x New York Diesel
Sativa 40%, Indica 60%
Hight: Medium
Flowering: 80 days
Harvest: up to 800 gr.
THC: 23%

One of the bestselling and most popular strains among growers. A strong, very undemanding plant, resistant to mold and rapid temperature change. Ideal for outdoor areas. A great choice for the northern latitudes. Bushy crown with a large number of resinous inflorescences. It has the famous "diesel" taste and a strong relaxing effect. Especially recommended for medical patients and people with evident hyperactivity.


Genetics: LA Kush x Moby Dick
Sativa 25%, Indica 75%
Hight: Medium
Flowering: 55-60 days
Harvest: 200-400 gr.
THC: 24%


The Spanish version of the powerful Kush strain, that came all the way from California. Crossed in our sunny latitudes, Kush gave wonderful genetic results: a powerful plant with huge and thick flowers, slightly sweet aftertaste and excellent effect. Full satisfaction with the grow results is guaranteed by several hundred percent. One of the few varieties of cannabis that has extremely positive ratings in the world of growing. The resinousness of Kush buds became legendary and a part of many rap and hip-hop songs.


Genetics: Big Bud x Budda Cheese
Sativa 50%, Indica 50%
Hight: Medium to Tall
Flowering: 50-60 days
Harvest: 200-400 gr.
THC: 24%


The fashion for milk cheese came from the Dutch city of Gouda, while cannabis Cheese was born in England in the late 90s. Our hybrid of English strain preserved the best of the whole bouquet: dense flowers, stable crop and overall aesthetically beautiful plant. The merit of the Strong Seeds breeders is that the crossing of the original Cheese genetics did not in any way worsen, but only emphasized the highlights of this variety. The amazing taste of cheese while smoking is guaranteed!


Genetics: Super Skunk x Short Stuff
Sativa 50%, Indica 50%
Hight: Medium
Flowering: 50-60 days
Harvest: 300-400 gr.
THC: 23%


The variety was created by breeders from the first Sensi Seeds bank since 1978, and today it is the most stable hybrid on the planet. Inflorescences are large, elongated, may vary in color from light green to golden. The plant gives a very nice crop. Quite short flowering period of only 7-8 weeks with simply amazing rate of trichomes appearance. The aroma is soft with a sweet aftertaste. Well suited for hydroponic cultivation with periodic flooding.


Genetics: White Haze x Citrus Boo
Sativa 60%, Indica 40%
Hight: Medium
Flowering: 45-65 days
Harvest: 350-500 gr.
THC: 24%


Strong Lemon – is the desired fruit of many years of crossing several Haze species with oxidizing varieties to achieve a lemon flavor. Quite demanding when growing, the plant can reward a diligent grower with plenty of resinous buds, unique in composition and taste.


Genetics: WW Original x Indica Pure
Sativa 30%, Indica 70%
Hight: Medium
Flowering: 55 days
Harvest: 200-500 gr.
THC: 24%


The legendary hybrid with indica predominance. A medium-sized stocky plant with green color, characteristic luster and a large number of lateral branches, making this variety ideal for indoor cultivation. It has a strong sweet-and-sour smell, so make sure to use carbon filter indoors. White Widow has a large number of dense buds, which are abundantly sprinkled with crystals. The plant is undemanding, but it can be affected by mold under humid conditions.




Autoflowering Seeds

AK-47 Auto, Blure Queen Auto, Sevilla Cheese Auto, Strong Lemon Auto, White Widow Auto



Genetics: Dutch Sativa x Indica х Ruderalis
Sativa 40%, Indica 50%, Ruderalis 10%
Hight: 60-70 cm
Full cycle: 70 days
Harvest: 40 gr
THC: 18%

Autoflowering variation of the AK-47. The auto-flowering effect was achieved by crossing AK-47 clones with the original Lowryder. This is one of the fastest varieties: a full cycle takes only 9-10 weeks. By the end of the cycle, plants reach 60-70 cm in height, with very large inflorescences covering the stem and branches with a dense layer. Due to its Mexican-Afghan origins, plants need warmth and dryness. In an appropriate climate, a variety can produce two to four crops per year.


Genetics: Bluestorm x CaliBud х Ruderalis
Sativa 20%, Indica 70%, Ruderalis 10%
Hight: 75 cm
Full cycle: 65 days
Harvest: 55-60 gr.
THC: 18%


Like so many “blue” cannabis varieties, Blue Queen comes from America, specifically from Northern California, where it was bred exclusively for medical use due to the high content of cannabinoid CBD, one of the main medicinal components of marijuana. Blue Queen Auto is its autoflowering variation obtained by selective cross-breeding with individual specimens of the Ruderalis phenotype. Strong influence of Sativa genetics at the same time complements the medical effect with an interesting, psychedelic relaxation, which is especially necessary for recovery.


Genetics: Сheese x Critical + х Ruderalis
Sativa 50%, Indica 40%, Ruderalis 10%
Hight: 70-80 cm
Full cycle: 75 days
Harvest: 60-70 gr.
THC: 19%

A strong autoflowering cannabis variety native to England, bred specifically for Cheese lovers, whom, however, do not have time to grow large, long-flowering and strongly-smelling plants of the original Cheese. Crossing with autoflowering strain Critical + yielded very fast, very intense autoflowering. Immediately after planting, one should expect rapid growth with the formation of massive and plentiful buds. The variety has a very powerful and overwhelming smell, so growing it in an enclosed space will require serious measures to overcome this characteristic cheese flavor: powerful ventilation and charcoal filters.


Genetics: White Haze x Citrus Boo х Ruderalis
Sativa 50%, Indica 40%, Ruderalis 10%
Hight: 65-100 cm
Full cycle: 65 to 100 days
Harvest: 60-70 gr.
THC: 19%


The variety is an F1 hybrid obtained by crossing the 2008 Cannabis Cup Winner Super Lemon Haze with California Citrus Boo. The result was a very sour, citrus and very unique Strong Lemon Auto. It grows quite well both indoors and outdoors, bringing a bountiful harvest. Strong Lemon Auto, however, sometimes exhibits an unusual residual dependence on the photoperiod and fertilizer applied to the soil, which explains the large variation in cycle end dates.


Genetics: WW Original x Indica Pure x Ruderalis
Sativa 30%, Indica 60%, Ruderalis 10%
Hight: Tall
Full cycle: 60-65 days
Harvest: 40 to 120 gr.
THC: 18%


White Widow – is one of the most famous cannabis varieties, a legend on the market and in non-profit circles due to its strength, easy cultivation and incredible productivity. Autoflowering White Widow variation is just a slightly reduced version. WW Auto blooms for a very long time due to the strong influence of Hindu genetics, but thanks to the auto-flowering gene, it begins to bloom only 3-4 weeks after germination. With the appropriate composition of the soil or hydroponic solution, plants can acquire a characteristic purple tint, indicating a high degree of maturation. Crops are plentiful.












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