Our team.

In the early 2000s, in the old Spanish city of Seville, a group of young enthusiasts decided to bring their passion for cannabis to life by founding a seed bank that would become a symbol of strength and quality. They called themselves “Strong Seeds”. Today, five friends are still together, and their dream has become a reality, and one of them writes this introductory word to the site.

We admit that for ten years after the start we had difficulties with stabilization, since creating truly cool varieties is not very easy. Our cooperation was based on the desire to create ideal, or at least close to ideal, genetic combinations that not only amazed with their productivity, but also had outstanding taste and aromatic qualities. Each member of the Strong Seeds team was inspired by the idea of empowering every grower to grow strong, healthy plants.

We started our journey with a small collection of seeds and seedlings, which we collected from all over the world: we brought them ourselves, received from friends and ordered via the Internet. Traveling through the bushes of Brazil, walking along the slopes of the Himalayas, studying genetics from South Africa — all this inspired us to create new varieties.

Each new hybrid created by the Strong Seeds team has been carefully selected and tested to ensure its high yields, resistance to diseases and pests, as well as its unique taste and aroma qualities. Some of our most famous strains, such as “Strong Diesel” and “Puta Madre Kush”, have become our signature strains and favorites of growers around the world.

Of course, the path to success was far from easy. Our team has faced many obstacles along the way: from difficulties in breeding to problems with legalization. But thanks to perseverance, dedication and passion for the business, we overcame all difficulties without much loss and continue to make our dream come true, creating new, even stronger and higher-quality varieties of hemp.

As you have probably already noticed, we are not able to announce new products every year or even once every five years, but we are not really striving for this. Producing varieties just like that, following fashion, is not our style. It would be better if there were fewer of them, but they would all turn out the way we wanted! We hope you enjoy our work, and we promise that we will continue to strive for the glory of Jah!