Gagarin Space Auto

Autoflowering feminized seeds

Genetics: Gagarin X Alien Kush X Ruderalis

Phenotype: 65% Sativa / 35% Indica

THC content: 22-25%

Bush height in the greenhouse: 70 – 90 cm

Bush height outdoors: 80 – 110 cm

Greenhouse yield: 300 – 500 g/m²

Outdoor yield: 60 – 140 g/bush

Full ripening: 70 – 80 days

Gagarin Space Auto is an impressive sativa-dominant autoflowering strain. Thanks to the crossing of two world famous varieties, Gagarin and Alien Space Kush, it combines the best qualities of its ancestors and has become a true symbol of high quality and effectiveness.

Gagarin Space Auto seeds will produce strong, branched plants with bright green foliage. They easily cope with the vagaries of nature and the mistakes of growers, making this variety an ideal choice for novice gardeners. The buds that form on the plants gradually become covered with whitish trichomes, which gives them an expressive appearance and eloquently indicates their powerful psychedelic potential. The flowering time of the variety is approximately 9 weeks, but slight delays may be possible depending on growing conditions.

Gagarin Space Auto responds well to a variety of growth control and yield enhancement methods, making it an attractive choice for experienced growers. However, even without special care, this variety grows and smells without requiring special attention. It is resistant to diseases and fungi and can be planted in moderately damp places, but do not forget about control, because mold is still stronger than any plant substance.

Growing Gagarin Space Auto in open ground will give excellent results in the countries of central and southern Europe, but even in the north you will not be left without a harvest. This variety does much better indoors and can be grown in almost any conditions. Optimal temperature and humidity will help achieve maximum yield and product quality.

As for the effect, Gagarin Space Auto offers an amazing cerebral high that fills the body with energy and stimulates activity. This variety is ideal for an active lifestyle, creative pursuits and fun parties. And its pleasant aroma, mixing notes of sandalwood, spices and pine, will add even more pleasure.