Gelato Runtz Auto

Autoflowering feminized seeds

Genetics: Gelato X Runtz Muffin X Ruderalis

Phenotype: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

THC content: 25-27%

Bush height in the greenhouse: 60 – 90 cm

Bush height outdoors: 80 – 120 cm

Greenhouse yield: 450 – 550 g/m²

Outdoor yield: 75 – 150 g/bush

Full ripening: 80 – 90 days

We can safely call the Gelato Runtz Auto variety the crowning achievement of our breeders. This is a powerful and productive autoflower that promises every grower excellent results and high yields. Combining indica dominance with fruity taste and aroma, Gelato Runtz Auto will help destroy any mental negativity and provide a long-lasting, relaxing effect. The brainchild of two iconic varieties, Gelato and Runtz, our favorite combines power and yield with a unique taste and effect. Gelato Runtz Auto buds are filled with a stunning aroma that combines notes of cookies, citrus and coffee, which cannot be unpleasant under any circumstances.

What makes Gelato Runtz Auto very attractive is its impressive yield, especially in indoor conditions. The cones and even stems are highly resinous, which allows the crop to be used for making concentrates. Due to its moderate size, this variety is easy to grow even in confined spaces, making it attractive to urban growers. However, due to the high resin content, you will definitely need good ventilation and a large carbon filter, otherwise the neighbors may find out about the greenhouse.

The Gelato Runtz Auto effect is the perfect combination of bodily relaxation and euphoria. The balanced effect that combines indica stone and sativa euphoria makes this strain attractive to a wide range of users. It is suitable for both daytime use alone and hanging out with like-minded people. Just don’t forget to warn beginners, since “catching the pale one” after a couple of puffs will be a piece of cake for them!