LSD Auto

Autoflowering feminized seeds

Genetics: LSD X Sevilla Cheese X Ruderalis

Phenotype: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

THC content: 23-26%

Bush height in the greenhouse: 70 – 100 cm

Bush height outdoors: 90 – 130 cm

Greenhouse yield: 450 – 550 g/m²

Outdoor yield:: 70 – 170 g/bush

Full ripening: 80 – 90 days

LSD Auto is a superb autoflowering cannabis strain that not only has excellent taste and aroma, but is also capable of providing a unique psychedelic experience to anyone who wants to get to know it better. This strain is one of the guiding stars of our seedbank and was created by crossing a carefully selected, affordable Sevilla Cheese with an original LSD specimen, which was famous for its powerful psychedelic effects. In fact, our LSD Auto can, figuratively speaking, be called a mescaline plant!

The LSD Auto variety will delight amateurs, connoisseurs and beginners with its unpretentious character and not the longest ripening period. The plant exhibits high resistance to mold, powdery mildew and spider mites, making it an ideal choice for plantings that cannot be monitored frequently. In open air conditions, plants reach a height of up to 120 cm and are capable of yielding up to 150 g per bush. Indoors, the height is typically around 90cm and yields up to 550g/m², making LSD Auto one of the most productive and commercially viable varieties in the Strong Seeds collection.

LSD Auto buds have a unique taste and aroma, with notes of earthy chestnut and mango. The aroma is sharp, with hints of musk, flowers, skunk and grass.

The effect of LSD Auto is a vibrant psychedelic stone that fills the body and mind with euphoria and harmony. Under its influence, everything around becomes bright and perfect, awakening communication skills and creativity. This variety is not entirely suitable for daytime use, but is rather recommended for evening gatherings, watching movies, computer games and creativity. Don’t be surprised if you manage to create masterpieces that no one but you can understand. T

LSD Auto can also be useful for medical purposes and to relieve pain after sports or heavy physical work.