Sevilla Cheese auto

Сheese x Critical +

Sativa 50%, Indica 50%

Size: 70-80 cm

Full cycle: 75 days

Harvest: 60-70 g

THC: about 15%

A strong autoflowering cannabis variety originally from England, bred specifically for lovers of “Cheese” varieties who, however, do not have the time to grow large, long-flowering and strong-smelling bushes of the original Cheese. Crossing with autoflowering strains of the Critical+ variety resulted in very rapid, very intense autoflowering. Immediately after planting, one should expect rapid growth with the formation of massive and abundant inflorescences.

The variety has a very powerful and pervasive odor, so growing it in an enclosed space will require serious measures to overcome this characteristic cheese aroma: powerful ventilation and carbon filters.