Strong Devil Auto

Autoflowering feminized seeds
Genetics: Devil fruit X Big Bud X Ruderalis
Phenotype: 40% Sativa / 60% Indica
THC content: 24-26%
Bush height in the greenhouse: 70 – 100 cm
Bush height outdoors: 80 – 120 cm
Greenhouse yield: 450 – 550 g/m²
Outdoor yield:: 70 – 150 g/bush
Full ripening: 80 – 90 days

Strong Devil Auto is not just an autoflowering version of a legendary strain, it is a true symbol of power and quality in the world of growing. Repeatedly improved by our team of breeders, surely one of the best auto strains for growers seeking a guaranteed high-quality harvest.

Strong Devil Auto snow buds are sure to please anyone! It seems to take us back to an era when quality came first, and the terpene profile and other newfangled characteristics did not matter at all. Thanks to the continuity with the original variety, Strong Devil Auto retains all the best qualities of its predecessor, while providing faster and more stable growth.

The plant structure of Strong Devil Auto attracts attention with its hybridity. They are characterized by a powerful central cola surrounded by strong and long side branches. This ensures uniform development and distribution of inflorescences, which are formed in significant numbers and have a moderate amount of foliage. This structure makes plant care as convenient and efficient as possible and allows the flowers to receive sufficient sunlight.

When grown indoors or outdoors, Strong Devil Auto produces outstanding results, and its short life cycle allows for multiple harvests per season in southern regions.

But it’s not just yield that makes Strong Devil Auto so popular among growers. Its flavor and aroma palette is a real delight for cannabis gourmets. A blend of sweet fruity-floral notes with a slight pine undertone creates a unique flavor that packs a powerful punch. With an average THC level of 25% and a combined cerebral-body effect, Strong Devil Auto delivers a vibrant and balanced high, from energy and mental clarity to bodily relaxation and tranquility.