Sweet Gelato Fast

Fast Flowering Feminized Seeds

Genetics: Sweet Poison X Girl Scout Cookies X Gelato Auto

Phenotype: 40% Sativa / 60% Indica

THC content: 22-26%

Bush height in the greenhouse: 80 – 120 cm

Bush height outdoors: 100 – 150 cm

Greenhouse yield: 600 – 950 g/m²

Outdoor yield: 600 – 1000 g/bush

Flowering duration: 6 – 7 weeks

Sweet Gelato Fast is the result of careful selection and scrupulous long-term crossing, which brought a true champion to the world of cannabis. Harvested by our breeders, this variety can safely be called a true work of art. He combined the best qualities of outstanding parents and new unique characteristics.

The genetic fusion of Sweet Gelato Fast with the canna-training standout Girl Scout Cookies has resulted in an amazing plant that combines speed with high productivity. The variety has become more adapted to growing in difficult conditions, while maintaining impressive performance indicators.

This photoperiod ratio hybrid produces outstanding results both indoors and outdoors. Under ideal conditions, up to a kilogram of dense inflorescences can be collected from one bush. When grown indoors, this variety also lives up to expectations and bears fruit profusely.

One of the most impressive aspects of Sweet Gelato Fast is its appearance. The vestibule of the harvest is illuminated with a rich emerald green hue, and the inflorescences are wrapped in a dense layer of resin, giving the plant an extraordinary snowy charm.

However, the real magic of this strain comes in its effects. Sweet Gelato Fast buds have an amazing euphoric effect that fills the mind with happiness and positive emotions. The combination of high levels of THC with a harmonious combination of the terpenes beta-caryophyllene, linalool and limonene creates a sweet citrus aroma that captivates with its brightness and intensity.

Thus, Sweet Gelato Fast is not just a cannabis variety, it is a real masterpiece of breeding art that can inspire and surprise even the most sophisticated growers and cannabis connoisseurs.