Tropical Runtz Fast

Fast Flowering Feminized Seeds

Genetics: Tropicanna Poison X Runtz Muffin X Runtz Auto

Phenotype: 30% Sativa / 70% Indica

THC content: 25-27%

Bush height in the greenhouse: 60 – 90 cm

Bush height outdoors: 80 – 120 cm

Greenhouse yield: 450 – 550 g/m²

Outdoor yield: 700 – 900 g/bush

Flowering duration: 6 – 8 weeks

Tropical Runtz Fast can be called a masterpiece among fast-flowering photoperiod plants: it has a high level of productivity, an amazing taste, and a powerful effect. The designation “Fast” in its name indicates fast flowering, which distinguishes this line from conventional photoperiod varieties.

This predominantly indica hybrid was developed to meet the needs of users with high tolerances that are not met by conventional varieties. Tropical Runtz Fast buds are rich in aroma and resins, making them an excellent raw material for the production of hashish and extracts. With a THC content of 25%, this strain has a powerful and long-lasting effect that can be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

Tropical Runtz Fast plants are distinguished by their high adaptability, hellish stubbornness and will to live. They demonstrate their hybrid nature by growing lush and branchy even when left unattended. A high level of stress resistance and strong immunity are due to their strong and hardy plants.

During the flowering process, which lasts about eight weeks, the bushes bear fruit in a mass of beautiful inflorescences, densely covered with orange hairs. These inflorescences are formed dense and compact, completely covered with resinous trichomes, which greatly facilitates the manicuring process. However, due to the heavy weight of the buds, the bushes may require staking and/or improved air flow between the stakes to prevent mold and pests.

Under favorable growing conditions, one Tropical Runtz Fast bush can yield up to 800-900 grams of first-class buds, and indoors, using various growing techniques, the yield can reach 450-600 g/m².

As for the taste and aroma qualities of this variety, they are quite diverse. The aroma is dominated by citrus, woody and spicy shades, and after consumption there remains a pleasant caramel-sweet aftertaste, bringing additional and quite gastronomic pleasure.

Overall, Tropical Runtz Fast is an outstanding cannabis strain that delivers both amazing flavor and a powerful effect, a solid A+!